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iCare Hepatits C Test kit is a device that can be used at home to detect the presence of Hepatitis C virus. It specifically works by detecting the Hepatitis C antigen which is a protein produced by the immune system of the body to eliminate the viral infection.

Proper Use of the Test Kit:

A blood sample will be taken from a finger and mixed with the chemical packed with the test kit. The mixed blood and chemical will then spread on the test sheet. If the Hepatitis C antigen is present in the blood, a chemical reaction will produce a red test line on the device. The results usually appear in as fast as 15 minute after completing the procedure.

1.Open the Alcohol prep pad and clean the finger with it.

2. Push the plunger of the lancet, twist it twice clockwise

3. Remove the lancet plunger

4. Place the lancet on the finger and press the trigger to prick the finger

5. Squeeze the finger and collect about 2 drops of blood sample using the micro pipette

6. Place the blood sample into the sample well

7. Slowly squeeze about 2 drops of diluent liquid into the sample well. The liquid must touch the control line.

8. Read the result within 15 to 20 minutes

If test result is positive, a doctor must be consulted immediately.

This test kit is for in-vitro use only. After the test, the kit must be disposed properly because of the infectious risk. The kit must not be used more than once.

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